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Should Canadians Be Allowed To Pay For Private Healthcare Services

I am of the opinion that if people want to pay for healthcare they should be allowed to do so. Private healthcare should not replace our public healthcare system.

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The sacroiliac (SI) joints are the source pain in approximately 10 – 20 percent of people with chronic low back pain. The spine sits on top of the sacrum, which is part of the pelvis. The sacroiliac joints are located in the pelvis between the sacrum and the iliac bones. There are two sacroiliac joints, one on each side. People often experience pain in the lower back, posterior hip and sometimes pain radiating down their leg, usually to the calf. They often have tenderness in the back...

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Lumbar Facet joint Rhizotomy for Low Back pain

Facet joint Rhizotomy for low back pain

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